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Video game tournaments, speed-run showdowns and other gaming-related events happen at SUPER GAME TEAM. Both newer and retro games are involved at these functions.


Past events:



Results Game 5 Difficulty B:



Game 5 on 2600 Space Invaders is tough!
















Results: 1st Jared - 2nd Andrew - 3rd Doug





Place Name

1 Joe
2 Karl
3 Chad
4 Justin
5 Seth



Tetris Results:



Here's the results of the SMB Speedrun held 12/3/11:








Pctures from event:



1st: Sketch 2nd: Leon 3rd: Jose





First: Tim Static

Second: Christian the Athiest

Third: Will "Pointer" Argo






Objectives: Collect 50 coins in Super Mario Bros., complete a segment of Rad Racer then play Tetris until time runs out.




Pictures from event:



Pictures from event:

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